Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Perceived Value of Handcrafted Items

There are a couple of Etsy threads going on right now that are addressing the concept of low prices equally the perception of low value. Does something priced low give the impression that the item is not as worth owning?

I have to say, "yes". I have only made a few Etsy sales - a lot of my sales are done offline - but I have noticed that is is my more expensive items that sell. Anything marked "SALE" just sits there.

This is one of the most expensive items in my store right now, going for $70:

Would lowering the price to $50 make a difference? I don't think so. For one thing, I think this bracelet is worth $70, given the time and the materials. Second, I don't think that a buyer is suddenly going to jump on it because its $20 less. In fact, their perception of this bracelet's value will probably go down. So, I will not lower the price but, instead, wait for the right buyer who recognizes the true value of this piece.



  1. Beautiful bracelet! It is definitely priced right - I agree that the right buyer will come along.
    : )